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Free Walking Tours Presents was born out of the frustration of carrying a guide book and trying to relate that information to the interactive map on a phone. Why wasn't there a simple way to combine these, especially since google maps already contains a wealth of pertinent, interesting local information.

We've started with a few tours in a few cities but will be adding more tours and more cities to our web site and our apps. Please check back.

If there are some facts we got wrong or are missing or if you would like a tour or a city added, please send us your comments on the contact page.

How to use our free walking tours

We feel that these tours are best accessed via our Iphone or Android apps while in the cities at the actual locations. But we also provide them here on our web site.

The engine underlying the app is Google Maps and you’ll be able to use all of the wonderful, useful and practical information you can find already in it.

Our tours are organized by city. Selecting a tour will open a new window with the tour setup in google maps. Clicking on our green walking tour icons will open a pop-up window with location specific information.

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